Why Love is Contagious

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Have you ever experience love? Are you loved? What kind of love do you need for you to say that love is contagious?

We all know and understand about love, isn’t it? Everyone knows what love is. A kid would know love because of the love that their parents showed to them. And that emanated from the phrase “I love you, baby”.

A man who courted a girl shows his intention of loving her personally. How about loving other people whom we didn’t know?  People who we didn’t meet in our whole life.  We may assume that we love them but deep inside our heart, it is not a deep love instead, a superficial love.

Then, why is love contagious?  Why do people love?


People are born with emotion. These are often called feelings such as love, hate, anger, trust, joy, fear, grief etc. Humans are not a robot or puppet; we are specially created. We are born not to love but to live. Surprising! Isn’t it? How come people are born not to love if we have emotion?  This will be answered in the last part of this article.

We are loved

Are you loved? This is the most intriguing question for all of us. Remember that not all people felt that they’re loved. Those who have illnesses don’t speak the same word with someone who doesn’t have an illness. I have heard countless sentiments and suicidal attempt with an anxiety and depression group.  Here is one of the statements that I read in the social media group.

“I know for me when the sun goes down it will sometimes get really bad and I have to go, take walks or something and when I wake up in the morning I will feel really sad for some reason and towards 11/12, I’ll start to feel better then at sundown it starts all over again”

Most of them say they are not loved because they suffered in pain. They want to end their lives.  That’s really understandable and so sad to think of. What they didn’t know is we are being loved despite the situation we are experiencing now. We are loved by our parents, friends, and family. Our parents raised us and feed us. Kids won’t stop telling their Mom and Dad, “I love you, Mommy, Daddy”.  See how love is contagious, we do a network of love and it will never stop. 

Love Giver

Love is contagious because the one who originated love is a love giver. It all started with love. Love is the cause of the creation of the heaven, earth, the universe and His special creation—man.   In the Bible, John 3:16 says For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  His love was sent to us, it was His purpose to redeem us from the bondage of sin. 

People are born with emotion but do not love. It is God who pushes us to love because we should learn to love.  It can be learned and it can be taught. God will not send His love towards us if we already loving each other. 

Take a look at this:

God (originated love) – man (shows love) – family, a circle of friends, parents (shares love) – love never fail – love never end – Love is Contagious.

“Love is a lesson, a learned behavior! A person can’t show what they don’t know, but only what they know and learn.”

(Article featured photo credited to Stock Snap Pixabay)

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Mann Reyes Jr.

Mann Reyes Jr.

Mann Reyes Jr. is a Life Coach, Thinker, and Motivator who’s currently working in a private company as an administrator for building maintenance and security. His encounter with different life’s experiences persuaded him personally to share, to coach and help people to live a guided life; lead them to a successful life career, and a healthy lifestyle.

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