What is the Truth Why We Exist

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How many times do we think about our life? Do we have the chance to think the question “what is life?”, “why we exist?”  Does it come to our mind that life should need a compass—a guide, a life coach?

However, life would not be meaningful if we don’t live a life.  Without knowing what life is, we never know what life is.  Some say life is just a breath; life is short and other says you need to enjoy life and do what you love to do.  There are a lot of interpretations about the meaning of life.  Some based their concepts about life by their spiritual beliefs or faiths; psychology and atheist point of view.

My concept of life is based on my personal experience.  I firmly believe that without a life experience you may not appreciate what life is.  I believed that life is an opportunity—a hope that was given to all living things.  Here are what life is:

Life is an opportunity to see what God had created for us.

  • We are specially created to see God’s creation, the beauty of His creation—the stars and the heavenly bodies, sky, dry land, plant life, and creatures.    All those things are unimaginable how it was created.  God wants us to enjoy His creation beforehand and even after the fall of man.

Ps 8:1, O Lord, our Lord, whose glory is higher than the heavens, how noble is your name in all the earth! BBE

Ps 8:3-4, when I see your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have put in their places; What is man, that you keep him in mind? The son of man that you take him into account? BBE

Life is an opportunity to help our brothers and sisters.

  • This is why we are created. We have a mission, purpose, and goal to achieved. We will not just to sit down there, drink and be merry. We have our duties and responsibilities to do based on our status that we lived in.

“I believe that everyone, regardless of who they are, should do something that is greater than themselves. Whether it’s adoption, or helping people who are sick or poor, or whatever. That’s what God put us on this earth to do.” Tim Tebow

Life is an opportunity to give our best.

  • To use the God-given gift. Everyone is special in the eyes of God. We may have the skills or talents to inspire others in becoming successful with their lives.  Life is precious and enjoyable if we surrender our lives to God as the controller of our lives. There is no peace in your life if you just depend on your physical strength.  In Philippians 4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me (WEB).

Life is an opportunity to use God-given resources.

  • We don’t waste time to disregard God-given resources that are around us. We have to use it for our benefit and also to bless others by sharing it. Doing things that you love to do for your life is utilizing God’s given resources. Make the difference and inspire others based on what we love to do.

Life is a gift from God.  It is a special gift and the greatest gift that He had given.  Many may seem to disagree due to their life condition or sickness but the fact that we are alive and breathing is already a blessing.  Without life, you can’t see anything at all, and worthless.  It is the life that makes our lives colorful.

A deceased person is just a memory of what a person accomplished throughout his whole life.  What legacy does he leave for his family and friends?  Does this person inspire us? What are his great works that contributed to the society?  Those are some questions that we may hear once a person passed away.   If we value life, we also value his being.  Everyone is important in the eyes of God.  A person shall be remembered if your life served as an inspiration to many.  Indeed, life is like a traveler who needs a compass; he was guided where he will be going.  Same as a life coach who guides a coachee in making a right decision in her life.

Therefore, it is a wonderful thing to know why we exist. We have a purpose and a mission in life. That is the truth. People who made an impact on our lives and inspire us is one of the unforgettable treasure that we should value as long as we are alive.

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Mann Reyes Jr.

Mann Reyes Jr.

Mann Reyes Jr. is a Life Coach, Thinker, and Motivator who’s currently working in a private company as an administrator for building maintenance and security. His encounter with different life’s experiences persuaded him personally to share, to coach and help people to live a guided life; lead them to a successful life career, and a healthy lifestyle.

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