How To Handle a Relationship Properly

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A Relationship is a term that is too broad to be discussed.  No one is exempted from relationships because it’s a part of life.  There are good and bad relationships; there is no one in the middle.  In a relationship, there are risk and problems. What are yours?


Parental Relationship

What could we learn from our parents?  How is the relationship with your parents?  For those who lost their parents, I know it is a difficult life living without experiencing the love of a parent.   Parenting is a big life challenge.  I may say it is a stage where your strength and patience will be tested.  Some became a parent at an early age which fell into a disastrous relationship.  They don’t know what to do in the first place.  Their young mind is not yet prepared for a relationship such as taking care of their kids.  There are fear and regrets that keep haunting them.  This is where their parent comes to the rescue to support them and always on their side guiding them becoming a parent.

Parental relationship is a relationship between the kids and the parent.  There’s a lot of stories that we can hear about struggles, hardship, and unhealthy relationship.  One thing that is common between a parent and child relationship has to do with drug-related, a battered wife, a lazy drunkard father, a gambler mom, rebellious son, and daughters and many more.  What could be the possible cause of these problems inside a family?  It’s about being a parent.  Our parent is the founder of a parent-child relationship.  Anything that may happen inside the house is the responsibility of a parent.  The outcome of good & bad relationship inside the house is not the work of our children.  Anything that may happen is not our children to be blame—it’s the parent.

In fairness with our loving parents, we must say thanks to them because of the care that they’ve given. We couldn’t see the life that we were facing today if not by our parents.  Some may not have the experience of love and care from their parent because of life difficulties and problems that they’re struggling with.  And I will say this again and again; they are still your parents.  If we see something that is not right with our parents especially the relationship, we better not to repeat the same mistakes rather strive to start a right relationship with your children when you become a parent someday.



Friendly Relationship

In the Bible, it says in Prov. 18:24, “A man of many companions may be ruined, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” WEB

What a great passage!  The nearest interpretation of a friend who sticks closer than a brother is Christ.  We all have friends since we are a kid, we already want a playmate, that’s the most enjoyable day that we will never forget.  As we grow up, we began learning to develop a friendly relationship which we called as “best friend.”  Honestly, we are more comfortable to tell our secrets to our best friend rather to our brothers and sisters.  We are usually afraid to be questioned, reprimand and prohibitions.  We love to do what we think is right.  Lack of trust and transparency has always been the dilemma inside our home.

The word “trust” is the key to friendship.  Without trust, there is no friendship at all.  A friendly relationship is built on trust and transparency.  These two is always together; it can’t be a trust without transparency nor transparency without trust.

In my experience, I had this guy, a close friend in the office before which I fully trusted.  He is under my department that I’m managing with.  We are very open from each other then.   It took four long years that we’ve learned from each other on work-related matters.   We also shared our thoughts about our personal lives.  Until one time, I discovered that I’m the only one who exercises trust and transparency to him.  He kept a lot of secrets.  I discovered as confessed to me by his subordinates that he did violate the company rules and lied to me.  With this experience, I learned one thing—not all those whom you trusted would also trust you back.  We don’t have control over man’s life.



Lovers Relationship

This is the relationship that everybody is waiting for.  We may consider this as the most exciting moments that gave a big impact to our lives.   This is where people get blinded and deceived by their emotion.  From the start of the relationship, we tend to be as the best person in front of our partner.  We strived to win her heart by showing goodness and kindness to her.  Sacrificing ourselves to do everything that we think may cheer her up and lighten her day.  Indeed, what a wonderful feeling that we got from this relationship.  It seems every day is a day of celebration thinking the day and night that you’ve shared together.

Hey, ladies, this could be an interesting thing to talk about.  Have you ever think about the risk of relationship?  And you’re thinking how come that relationship is a risk.  It’s a risk when somebody entered into a relationship with you—a love mate or boyfriend.  Yeah, it’s true.  Ladies can easily be blown up and blinded by the word “love.”  It’s a love relationship.  Got pregnant at an early age which disrupts her studies, and her aspired career unfulfilled.  The same thing with the gentleman who turned the relationship into a risk.  The good future that awaits you may have stopped. The tears of regrets are always at the end.

Lover’s relationship is the preparing stage of knowing each other before jumping to a more serious relationship which is the Couple’s relationship.  The more years that was spent by lovers is the best option of all.  Knowing a person is not done overnight.  Remember, you are both strangers that fell in love together.   Several marriages completely fell into this trap without knowing fully a person.  You should ask this question: Who is that stranger? If you can’t answer who he is.  Then you’re in danger.



Couple’s Relationship

This could be the final stage of the relationship where two people finally face the deeper relationship and challenges in life.  Some say that this relationship is a life tragedy where two people may or may not be successful.  Then why would one think that this could fall into trouble rather than a peaceful one?  In Christianity, marriage is sacred in the eyes of God.  In Mark 10:7-8, “For this cause will a man go away from his father and mother, and be joined to his wife; And the two will become one flesh; so that they are no longer two, but one flesh.” BBE

The key statement of marriage vows that most couples missed and seemed to forget is like this one taken in the Book of Common Prayer:

I,____, take thee,_____, to be my wedded Wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy ordinance; and thereto I plight thee my troth.

The statement seemed just passing through our mind and heart without taking the vows seriously.  If we analyze the statement written in the vows, my mind starts building these phrases “No one will give up and leave whatever it happens.”  “No retreat, No surrender.”  The relationship inside a married life is like a fierce battle on a battlefield.  The enemy may be too powerful in numbers and yet you still fighting until your last breath.  Life trials and temptations may test your strength and endurance yet your mind is telling you to say “No” to temptations and “press on” to face life challenges.  You want to preserve your flag of marriage that you’ve established in your home, and you’ll never let that flag fell down on the floor.  This is what the statement vows of the marriage telling us.

The couple’s relationship is next to the lover’s relationship.  Did you know that these two are somewhat opposite in terms of the relationship?  In a lover’s relationship, both fakes their real attitude and character.  What they see are the beautiful moon and stars sparkling bright, the knight with full armor, Cinderella story, and the prince or princess.   It seems that the relationship is an illusion or a fantasy tales.  They don’t show their real self for both like to win the heart celebrating the love that they knew could bring joy and happiness.  They didn’t realize that a lover’s relationship is the stage of preparing themselves for the deeper stage of a relationship.

In a relationship, both should be grounded with solid conviction or faiths to preserve the relationship until marriage.  Trust, commitment, and respect is a must for a relationship.  Without these three, the relationship falls apart.  Set your mind to moral teachings and learnings.  Invest knowledge so you’ll be prepared when the time comes for you to make a life’s good decision.  Keep thinking about the consequences, the impact, and effect of your career.  Think, think, think—it’s your life.  Grab the opportunity to live a life with a relationship that is proper with the right timing.



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Mann Reyes Jr.

Mann Reyes Jr.

Mann Reyes Jr. is a Life Coach, Thinker, and Motivator who’s currently working in a private company as an administrator for building maintenance and security. His encounter with different life’s experiences persuaded him personally to share, to coach and help people to live a guided life; lead them to a successful life career, and a healthy lifestyle.

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