What are the benefits of Life Coaching

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “coaching”? What’s your general understanding of the word “coaching”?  Let me check its meaning from Wikipedia; it says Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training, advice, and guidance.  We often heard the word “coach” in sports like basketball, football, soccer, and others. What we don’t know is—the coaching in sports is not the same—as life coaching.  In sports, the coach layout instructions to the players on how they will win the game.  The coach always plans and share his strategy with his team.

In life coaching, a coach wouldn’t instruct a coachee on how and what to do.  A coach will ask probing questions. The purpose is to uncover the things that had happened. An example of a question is: What happened? Why do you think that happened? What is the best thing that you could do?  As a coach, he guides and assist the coachee in identifying the problem, and may find a solution to it.  What is needed to identify are the following:  the view, the action, things that you can do; the impact to yourself and to other people that are related to.

Life coaching has a lot of benefits, and it’s so relevant to know what are those things that may contribute to our well-being.  Here are they:

Saves Time

The saying “time is gold” is very applicable in life coaching.  First, you need to spend the time to be coached.  But why do we think it can save you time wherein you’re the one who will spend the time to be coached?  Isn’t it?  Life coaching will save your time in the long term.  What I mean here is you’ll be benefited after you have been coached.

Just an example, if I’m not being coached, I could still be stressful in my life which may affect my health in the long run.  If I become stressful and sick, I’m forced to spend money and time to take care of myself by seeking medical treatment and buying my meds.  This could be a lot of work for me plus anxiety due to stress.

Saves Money

They say money makes you happy.  Yeah! Absolutely But having a money that came from your savings makes you more happier.  That may mean one thing: you have a money, and you know how to save your money.  Life coaching program can save you money despite you’ll be paying the life coach service.

Do you know why life coaching can save you money?  It’s simple.  Every time you paid the life coach, this prevents you from spending a lot more money.  One example is if a business coach is coaching you, you save money by his coaching.  You are guided by taking the right approach & right decision for your business.  That could be like a consultation, but it is not totally a consultation program.

Life coaching is always considering how you as a becoming person of integrity connects to your business, especially if this deals with several people around your business circle.  It is about your life and not purely in business talks.

Saves Life

I think it is obvious to know that life coaching saves a life.  It is all about life.  Life coaching is so broad, and it’s always pointed out what aspect of your life that you’ll be life coached.  There are marriage coaching, relationship coaching, anxiety & depression coaching, business coaching, personal development coaching, spiritual coaching and even evangelism coaching, just surprised to know that there is an evangelism coaching.  And there’s a lot more coaching there.

From what I‘ve mentioned about the different type of coaching, one thing that summarizes all of them—it is a Life Coaching.  I’ll pick up one best example is anxiety & depression coaching, a person who suffers anxiety & depression could end up in suicide.  A life coach may save a person from suicidal tendencies or attempt.  This is how a life can be saved because one life is so precious in the sight of God and men.

Gain Wisdom

A person who is life coached may gain wisdom from the experience that he/she learned from life coaching.  This is like a teacher and student teaching session, a good teacher would impart good teachings to his students then the student became a good student because of the teaching quality that he acquired from his teacher. Same with the coach, the more a person was life coached, the more he gains wisdom and knowledge based on the life experiences that he applied through life coaching.  One day, the coachee may become a life coach in the future.

Improves Life

This is where our life will be improved if we are coached.  Our parents always shout at the top of their voice just to teach us the do’s and don’ts in life but we sometimes tend to ignore their advice.  One thing that they want us to know is they want to improve our lives when we grow up.

Our parents are a life coach, a close and personal life coach.  The best life coach that we ever had and yet we’re so familiarized with our parents and don’t mind listening to them anymore.  This is the reason why there are life coaches because they have no relationship with you since you were born.  They can give you a better approach and coaching without any bias.  The best is you will be coach with your parents and a life coach.  Improving our lives is the making our lives with purpose and meaning with a clear goal in life plus success fulfilled.

Better Person

The first time that I hear the word “better person” is to become a good person with a defined goal in life and finally I accepted it as true to life.  To be better is to have someone that will make you better.  You should have a mentor that will serve as your inspiration.  From what I discovered, the best mentor is a spiritual mentor.  You can have two mentors, one is for your spiritual and physical.  Your spiritual mentor is God and your physical mentor is your life coach.  I firmly believe that life changes are possible if you have a spiritual mentor because it cleanses you internally rather than physically.  Your physical mentor—life coach, guides you physically in action.  Both have the same goal but different approach and application.  Spiritual mentor speaks to you internally through the word of inspiration such as the Bible or spiritual books.   You may get a total life changes instead of being dependent on your own physical effort.   In Phil 4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me (WEB). Apostle Paul was dependent on God’s strength rather his own strength.  This may look impossible but to those who have a faith in God, nothing is impossible.

There are spiritual coaches that may lead you to get near to God.  They could assist you to make your life better by not depending on his coaching itself.  There’s a saying, “if you would like to change, you should exert effort to change and God will do the rest.”

Life Coaching is the best and wise decision that a person could make in his entire life.  It is the start of something big in their lives.   An old saying told us “no man is an island.”  Absolutely true, a man can’t live by himself forever.  We have a life to live to enjoy what God had given us.  It could be skills or talents that we discovered to become fruitful and useful in the society and especially to our family.   We can make our life easier and comfortable if we are benefited through life coaching.  My favorite three phrases for life coaching is “One Life”, “One Direction” and “Life Guided”.  Grab the opportunity to live a life that we may reach our potential that guarantees an abundant and incredible life.  In life coaching, you’ll know the meaning of life, your life purpose, your direction and your life fulfillment guaranteed.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Harold Whitman

(Main featured photo credited to Robbie Weaver)

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Mann Reyes Jr.

Mann Reyes Jr.

Mann Reyes Jr. is a Life Coach, Thinker, and Motivator who’s currently working in a private company as an administrator for building maintenance and security. His encounter with different life’s experiences persuaded him personally to share, to coach and help people to live a guided life; lead them to a successful life career, and a healthy lifestyle.

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