10 Simple Ways to Cope with Anxiety

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Have you ever been anxious in your life?  Anxiety is very common to people.  It becomes a part of our lives.  If you’re a kind of person who always feels anxious when the situation isn’t that critical, you might have an anxiety disorder.  People would want things to be done immediately; they become impatient.  They wouldn’t stop thinking until it was done and easily get panic in a less panicky situation.  What is normal to a person isn’t normal to them.  They find it hard to relax and usually in a depressed condition.

Therefore, to cope up with anxieties, the following may help you:

  • Have a restful sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat healthy food
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Keep away from annoying and irritable situations
  • Think good things
  • Never entertain negative thoughts
  • Refrain from watching suspense or horror films
  • Read books that may cheer you up
  • Join forums or groups that could help you

“Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength- carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” Corrie ten Boom

(Photo credited to Jad Limcaco)

12 thoughts on “10 Simple Ways to Cope with Anxiety”

    1. Yeah! Absolutely, Amanda. I believe there are more ways on how to cope with anxiety. Appreciate your comments. Thanks

  1. These are wonderful! (and I absolutely love the quote). One thing that has helped me greatly while dealing with anxiety is upping my magnesium intake. Helps me sleep, and I wake feeling a little more balanced.

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Mann Reyes Jr.

Mann Reyes Jr.

Mann Reyes Jr. is a Life Coach, Thinker, and Motivator who’s currently working in a private company as an administrator for building maintenance and security. His encounter with different life’s experiences persuaded him personally to share, to coach and help people to live a guided life; lead them to a successful life career, and a healthy lifestyle.

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